Brokos VTAC Harness

5.11 Tactical Brokos VTAC Harness

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Lightweight, low profile, and ready for action, the Brokos VTAC Harness was developed in partnership with Viking Tactics to provide a superior load bearing solution for law enforcement and tactical teams across the country. The Brokos Harness integrates perfectly with the 5.11 Brokos Belt, providing a stable and versatile structure for any tactical kit.Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps maximize weight distribution to prevent fatigue and increase stamina, an adaptable rear yoke allows the Brokos Harness to be worn Rhodesian-style or H-frame, and integrated web platforms at each shoulder provide additional slots for MOLLE or 5.11 SlickStick System storage pouches.

-An ideal tactical load bearing solution
-Complements the 5.11 Brokos Belt
-Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps
-MOLLE/SlickStick shoulder webbing
-Adaptable rear yoke
-500D Nylon and aerospace mesh
-Low profile adjustment buckle
-Patch tabs at front and rear
-Removable loop ID panel on back
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