AR500 Armor Spall & Frag Shield
AR500 Armor Spall & Frag Shield
AR500 Armor Spall & Frag Shield
AR500 Armor Spall & Frag Shield

AR500 Spall & Frag Shield

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The AR500 Armor® Spall & Fragmentation Shield mitigates and captures spall & fragments created from a bullet impacting the strike face of body armor. This issue is present on some body armor, including body armor which utilizes steel as the ballistic core and has not been treated or specifically coated to contain fragmentation and spall. Our Spall & Frag Shield is unique to the industry in that our protective aramid fibers are stitched in place throughout the entire shield, and form around the edges of the body armor. This not only offers mitigation on the strike face but also along all edges improving protection on an equal plane to the armor's strike face. Edge protection is critical as they create a direct patch to your neck, arms, and legs for spall & frag to travel.

The AR500 Armor® Spall & Fragmentation Shield offers no additional ballistic protection and is designed strictly to help mitigate spall & fragmentation upon impact of the strike face on body armor.

The AR500 Armor® Spall & Fragmentation Shield is constructed from a heavy duty 1000D Cordura Nylon Cover, and is reinforced with multiple layers of high strength aramid fibers. The innovative pouch design minimizes exposed edges on all corners of the body armor due to its specially designed closure flap. The inner aramid fibers line the entire inside of the pouch and overlap from the strike face to the back side of the armor plate. The pouch accommodates standard 10" x 12" Shooters Cut Body Armor and will fit most 10" x 12" flat or formed armor plates on the market. Ideal for use on steel body armor as a spall & frag cover.

Weight: 13.9 ounces

AR500 Armor® Spall & Fragmentation Shield Features:

  • Reliable Spall & Fragmentation Mitigation
  • Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon cover
  • Sewn in aramid protective layers wrap around strike face and plate edges for enhanced coverage
  • Provides superior edges protection
  • Multi-Hit Mitigation Spall & Fragmentation from 7.62x51 (M80 Ball) (.308 Winchester)


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