326th Airlift Squadron Patch - USAF OCP

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This item has been manufactured in accordance with applicable Government specifications under The Institute of Heraldry Hallmark Number W-33.

  • Berry Compliant, Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3 inches tall
  • For wear on USAF OCP Uniform.
  • 100% embroidered 
  • Velcro brand backing


On a disc, a propeller aircraft descending bendwise pendent with two sets of saddlebag, mounted by a rabbit caricature, grasping in its dexter paw a riding crop, all within a narrow border. 

Attached below the disc, a scroll edged with a narrow border and inscribed "326TH AIRLIFT SQ" in letters.


The aircraft equipped with saddlebags signifies the Squadron's transportation of cargo and supplies and its airlift functions.  The rabbit denotes the speed with which the unit performs its mission. 


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