447th Air Expeditionary Group Patch - USAF OCP

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This item has been manufactured in accordance with applicable Government specifications under The Institute of Heraldry Hallmark Number W-33.

  • Berry Compliant, Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3 inches tall
  • For wear on USAF OCP Uniform.
  • 100% embroidered 
  • Velcro brand backing


A bend, overall a stylized aircraft nose to dexter chief, charged with a circle of 12 mullets over the aircraft and bend, all within a diminished bordure.

Attached below the shield, a scroll edged with a narrow border and inscribed "FIAT JUSTITIA RUAT COELUM".


The stylized aircraft silhouette symbolizes the Group's prowess in dominating the skies, its unity of mission and its dedication to country and unit.  The stars laid upon a background signify the 447th's achievements for the United States, both during day and night operations.  The Latin motto, "FIAT JUSTITIA RUAT COELUM," translates to "LET JUSTICE BE DONE THOUGH THE HEAVENS FALL."

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