82nd Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron Patch - USAF OCP

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This item has been manufactured in accordance with applicable Government specifications under The Institute of Heraldry Hallmark Number W-33.

  • Berry Compliant, Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3 inches tall
  • For wear on USAF OCP Uniform.
  • 100% embroidered 
  • Velcro brand backing


Attached above the disc, inscribed "ANYWHERE  ANYTIME"

Attached below the disc, inscribed "82 EASOS"


The embattled divide of the background represents the defense of ground forces.  The caricature of the coyote, common around the unit's home base at Holloman, is an animal noted for its clever pursuit of prey and its adaptability to a wide variety of geographical and climatic conditions.  The coyote, positioned in both fields in recognition of the unit's forward air and land defense responsibilities, is a fitting mascot for this mobile tactical unit.

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